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Take Control and Resolve Uncertainty

Our Solutions

Data Labeling Tools and Processes

Our data labeling tools and processes ensure accurate benchmark data collection for your entity resolution system. The resulting labeled datasets can be used for performance estimation, model comparison, error analysis, sensitivity analysis, and model training.

Real-Time Performance Estimation and Monitoring

Our real-time performance estimation and monitoring tools keep you on top of your system's performance, predicting future degradation so you can re-evaluate, tune, and retrain your model when needed.

Model Understanding, Comparison, and Error Analysis

We provide cluster-based analysis tools, allowing for model understanding, comparison, and error analysis. Our unbiased performance estimators ensure accurate model comparison and avoid performance rank reversal.

Expert Consulting and Support

Our tech is open, so you can get our open-source code, use it, and test it. If you need a commercial license, we have that too. We provide expert consulting and support to build custom pipelines and implement our solutions in large-scale entity resolution systems.

Integrate With Ease

Our tools and processes are designed to be compatible with all kinds of entity resolution systems, and we offer expert support to help you seamlessly integrate our solutions into your pipelines.

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