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Our Mission

We empower entity resolution providers to know and improve, because poor performance breaks user and customer trust.

Our Story

Valires was born out of the PhD research conducted by our founder, Olivier Binette, at Duke University. As part of his research, Olivier developed a robust evaluation methodology and software tools for entity resolution systems. Today, Valires is a commercial software and consulting company that aims to make this cutting-edge technology accessible to SaaS entity resolution providers and organizations with internal entity resolution systems.


Our mission is to transform entity resolution by addressing the trust and performance issues that plague many existing systems. We believe that entity resolution can play a crucial role in solving big data integration problems, and we provide the evaluation pipeline necessary to achieve this goal. We are dedicated to helping our clients achieve greater accuracy and efficiency in their entity resolution efforts.

We're Just Getting Started

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600 W Main St

Durham, NC 27701

United States


+1 (984) 209-8410



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