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Validate Your Entity Resolution Systems

Proven solutions and expert support for performance evaluation and monitoring of entity resolution systems.

Unlock the full potential of your entity resolution systems

Invest in evaluation and monitoring to unlock model understanding, comparison, and performance improvement.

Stay in Control

We provide open-source and commercial software licenses as well as expert support to help you build your own customized tools.

Proven Scientific Solutions

Our core methods have been published in peer-reviewed scientific journals and been successfully deployed in large-scale industrial systems.

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor performance in real time with anomaly detection and automated alerting.

Expert Support

Customized support from our PhD founder. See results in minutes and easily integrate evaluation pipelines to your systems.

Transparent Tech for ER Experts, by ER Experts

Everything is open. Get our open-source code, use it, and test it. Get a commercial license if you need. Get expert support to build your own pipelines if you prefer. We've already done the hard work of developing algorithms and testing them, and we have experience implementing our solutions for large-scale ER systems.

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